One-to-One Coaching

In person guidance from a member of The Love Coach team

The Love Coach - Get Ready For Love

The Love Coach offers you immediate access to the Get Ready For Love Programme via the book or online course, however, many appreciate the opportunity to work through this innovative love changing programme with personal guidance from either The Love Coach founder or other trained love coaches.

Soul Mate Profiling


Discover Your Soul's Mate

Find out who you're searching for...
Two of the key modules in the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme focus on discovering who your Soul is calling as it’s mate, whilst identifying, in yourself, anything which may prevent you from connecting with them. The Love Coach clients often find this the most challenging work, though it provides the most fruitful rewards. Let TJ Gibbs Guide you through these discoveries in person - either on a conscious level or by utilising Cognitive Hypnotherapy (TJ will assess which will work best for you). The goal here is to help you to get out of your own way and allow your Soul to have a say in who it really wants as a mate.
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Online Course With Telephone Coaching

A Helping Hand!

Get Ready For Love Online

Follow the regular course, with a little extra help from The Love Coach herself
This package enables you to get direct assistance from TJ Gibbs to analyse your feedback and scores and receive detailed advice and guidance on how to improve the love and happiness in your life Let TJ guide you via videos through 6 Love Changing Modules as mentioned above and then receive 3 one hour personalised coaching calls to go through your results.
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Coaching Afternoons

All in an afternoon!

An Afternoon With The Love Coach

Work one to one with TJ to help you Get Ready For Love
Allow TJ Gibbs to guide you through your Get Ready For Love  6 module programme, in person over 3 afternoons. The total package of 7.5 hours is carried out in one of The Love Coach therapy rooms and supports you as you discover your own Love Filter, Love Language, Love Style and Love Programming and get you ready to “meet” your Soul’s Mate in a style that is unique to you.  
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Love Coaching Weekend Retreat


Weekend Love Coaching Retreat

Expand the Get Ready For Love course with an intensive Love Coach process

The weekend retreat is a combination of hard work and relaxation.  The intensive 2-day session covers the breadth of the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme with 12 hours of one-to-one coaching with TJ. The location will be selected for its relaxing tranquil environment that allows for private time with TJ as well as personal relaxation time for you in the sauna, Jacuzzi, pool (or spa) if available.  

This option is considered ideal for anyone who's looking for fast results, a shake-up of their emotional system or simply don't have the time to commit to the slower programme formats.  Whilst there's no question that this is a substantial financial and emotional investment in oneself; the amazing epiphanies gained from the intense chain of discovery, coupled with a dedicated focus on planning your future actions, is one of the best ways to quickly gain real love changing results.  

The One-to-One Gold Package includes 

  • TJ’s dedicated time 10-6pm Saturday & 10-2pm Sunday
  • 1 Cognitive Hypnotherapy Session
  • 2 nights hotel accommodation (hotel to be advised) with access to 
  • Jacuzzi, Sauna and Pool.
  • Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday
  • Lunch on Saturday

*A Platinum Package Upgrade is available for a 2-night stay at the luxurious setting of Champneys Health Resort 

As with any intensive service, The Love Coach recommends continuing support, past this weekend to ensure you move forward to future happiness. 

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