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These insightful blogs by TJ Gibbs offer a range of tips and advice for the dating phase of getting ready for love.

The Single Valentine

Although Valentine’s day is traditionally a day for lovers to celebrate each other there is a growing trend of singleton’s investing in self-love on Valentine day’s. 

Last year two-thirds of women planned to celebrate Valentine’s even if they didn’t have a partner in their lives. Men have often been so busy thinking about pleasing someone else on Valentine’s that they have considered what their own needs are for love.

Would You Date Yourself?

They say that opposites attract – but do they then drive each other mad!!??.

It is highly likely that your soul mate is looking for many of the qualities in you that you are looking for in them.  It is therefore important that before you meet them you ask yourself “Am I exuding the qualities that I am looking for in someone else?  “Am I putting out that which I hope to receive?

Why Do I Always End Up With The Same Type of Partner?

Have you ever wondered why you seem to keep attracting and dating the same type of partner? I don’t want to say the “wrong partners” as I believe that in every dating and relationship experience there are lessons we are meant to learn.  When you stop growing you start dying!

The Long Distance Relationship

There are some that would never consider a long distance relationship (LDR), as for them love means the physical presence of a person in their life on a daily basis.  These individuals are probably visual in their love filter and rate high in quality time as their love language.

“If you are someone who frequently puts other’s needs before your own, don’t be surprised when others always put your needs last”

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