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These insightful blogs by TJ Gibbs offer a range of tips and advice for the dating phase of getting ready for love.

Love & The Royal Family

People around the world are obsessed with the British Royal family, and for good reason. There are many who still fondly remember the wedding of the late Princess Diana and Charles like it happened yesterday. In a celebrity-driven culture, being a member of the royal family, (and a famous one at that) gives you instant Rockstar status. 

It's a Match

In this our final blog in the Tinder series, we look at what happens once a match is made and how to maximise contact in between the match and the first date.

If both parties swipe right (like) on Tinder then a match celebratory screen will appear.  There is then the option to keep swiping for more matches and return later to your match list or to send the match a message there and then.

Tinder:  What You Say

As we have spoken about in previous Tinder Tip blogs there is an option to use or not use a text bio to go alongside your Tinder images. Choosing to put nothing minimises your chances of good matches and means that those who do match may struggle to find a way to break the ice.

In an upcoming blog in the Tinder Tips series we will explore how men and women match differently and how the bio is used at different times but right now we are focussing on the content of this text and making a short snappy bio that increases your chances of attracting someone who you can share your life and laughter with.

Your Tinder Profile


People select matches on dating apps based on a number of senses which include what they see, what they hear and what they feel/sense. Following on from our previous blog on the importance of authentic photos to attract the right Tinder match we go a bit further and explore the non-visual side of the app.

The Tinder Profile (The Tinder Tip-Offs: Maximise Your Experience 1/4)

With over 10 million daily active users making over 26 million daily matches Tinder has established itself as one of the leading mobile dating apps.

As popular as Tinder is why are so many people still struggling to find someone they want to date amongst the Tinder crowds? Why is serial dating becoming more prolific and dating fatigue on the increase?

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