Get Ready For Love

The Personal Love Coaching Manual

The Life and Love Readings are intuitive explorations of your current happiness in both life and love.  TJ Gibbs, author of Get Ready For Love and founder of The Love Coach offers these services by phone or in person.  Utilising your results from the Wheel of Life & Love assessment, TJ will explore these areas with you, and help uncover more about how you got to where you are, and how to move forward.

These are offered by phone, or in person (at additional cost), with two options.


Short Life & Love Reading

20 minutes
The Life & Love Reading lasts approximately 20 mins and is carried out via Skype, Messenger or Telephone and provides overall feedback on your Life and Love Happiness ratings. TJ will carry out an intuitive guidance review of the 12 component areas and feedback key areas of concern that will hold back any future happiness.
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Extended Life & Love Reading

45 minutes
The option of an Extended Life & Love Reading takes approximately 45 mins and is carried out via Skype, Messenger or Telephone. The Full Reading provides an in-depth analysis of the 12 components rated in the Wheels of Life and Love and in addition, will also provide guidance and a Soul Action Plan involving discussions and suggestions on how to move on and identifying areas where you may be an “Avoider”. These discoveries help you start to “Seek” improved happiness in these areas.
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