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Get Ready For Love Book - by TJ Gibbs

Are you tired of unfulfilling relationships? Do you understand who you are attracting and why?  Are you confused about what you want from love?   The Love Coaching Manual based on the pioneering Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme will change the way you look at love ...Read more
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Are you tired of unfulfilling relationships?

Do you understand who you are attracting and why? 

Are you confused about what you want from love?


The Love Coaching Manual based on the pioneering Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme will change the way you look at love

As you participate in this journey of self-discovery, you will:

  • Assess how happy you truly are, in life & love.
  • Learn about love filters, love styles, love programming, & self-love - and how they affect your partner choices
  • Analyse and profile your soul's mate
  • Create an action plan to improve your current happiness 
  • Identify and understand how to attract the love you desire and deserve

Whether single, in a relationship or considering moving on, this love changing journey will help you understand who and what you really want from love.

 Scroll down to see the latest Get Ready For Love video, and learn more about the book and the coaching programme.

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When I picked up this book I was getting tired of running in the same circles that I have done all my life. I came from a troubled family of suicide and alcoholism and didn't put together that they were affecting the men I chose in my life because I THOUGHT I had gotten beyond it. I didn't realize that the care taker in me had just shifted gears and was never really happy because I wasn't choosing a soul mate, I was choosing someone I could help and take care of. I was ALWAYS looking for my knight in shining armor to rescue me and do for me what I was doing for everyone else but getting burned out at. I had avoided social settings and making my life whole and full in other areas of my life and this book enlightened me to see that. The workbook is great and I would do this lesson again and again because I think you can learn a lot from the book and this coaching again and again.
God is first in my life but He also wants us to have a WHOLE life, a HAPPY life and this book helps each individual see where they are lacking and what patterns they unconsciously put into place.
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A very powerful book which helps you look at yourself honestly, but in a very gentle, loving, forgiving way. I somehow found myself buying your book on Amazon.
I had thought I was going to buy ‘the power of now’ because I found myself having a particularly bad day and was looking for something, anything. My kindle would not turn on, but miraculously it did the next day and instead I found myself the proud owner of your book and, although that was only two days ago, I have no idea how I found it. It’s all a blank.
However, I read the book, joined the group and today had the Life & Love Reading. I had gotten so low I had no optimism left but things you told me have now made me realise there is hope and room for growth.
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I met TJ at the Get Ready For Love Workshop as a friend had a spare ticket and was so impressed with the shift that I had between the workshop and going home and reading TJ's book!

I reached out to her afterwards as I thought her work would help me get over the loss of my mum by trying her hypnotherapy sessions. I had never really heard of Cognitive Hypnotherapy but once TJ explained the principle I thought it sounded like exactly what I needed.

TJ is so easy going and made me feel completely at ease. Having lost a parent herself I felt a connection with her that someone who can understand grief can share. The session was like a relief, I was able to remove some of the feelings I had that I felt were blocking me and keeping me in a place I didn’t want to be in. I feel like I have a way to visualise and cope with the moving on part of grieving.

I also felt like that I needed a guide in order to move on with the love in my life and not do it with fear or from a place where I am stuck with negative emotions that I couldn’t process.

I have already recommended TJ to several single friends who for varying reasons are stuck in a place where they feel love is a negative thing and a disappointment. I am hoping that they will connect with her and she can show them alongside the very practical thinking in her book, that by learning to understand themselves better they have the ability to move on and find love.... firstly in themselves and then hopefully in someone else who is right for them.
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TJ’s Life & Love Reading was like a universal mirror reflecting my soul and all points were accurate and reflected where I’m at and I’m happy to recommend a Life & Love Reading with TJ to friends as I got a lot out of the reading.
Thanks TJ for guiding me gently to the actions I need to take to move to that next step.
I will be back with an update soon as I move forward on life’s journey to more love and joy
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“The things that the course uncovered for me about the way I do love and the reason behind why I do what I do was life changing for me”.

Where do I start… Once I had registered for the Get Ready For Love online course it took me far too long to get round to actually completing it.

In hindsight, quite why I am not sure as it is one of the most meaningful and progressive things I have accomplished to date.

It has taken me some time to get my head around what it has bought up for me but TJ has been there every step of the way with support, guidance and most importantly knowledgeable advice.

I often look at TJ and ask myself “how on earth does she know that, I didn’t even know that” but she does, and actually, she always does. TJ was born to heal souls and point lost ones back in the right direction. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her you will know that, just as I do. It is her gift and the course is a small part of all the things she has to offer people in a place of darkness or development.

The course has given me a deeper understanding of who I am and who I want as my soul mate. It is an invaluable tool and I think that it should be mandatory for every women to complete the course at least!!

Thank you TJ for the course, for the book, for your gift
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More About The Book

BookThe Get Ready For Love book is based on the coaching programme developed by The Love Coach founder, TJ Gibbs.  TJ refers to it as “your very own coaching manual” and recommends the book for those who are looking to carry out their own personal inventory of their journey with love so far.  

 If any of the following are part of your frustration with love then this book is for you.

  • Are you generally dissatisfied with where you are at in life right now?
  • Are you stuck in a rut with your Love life?
  • Do you wonder why you keep attracting the same romantic outcomes?
  • Do you suspect the one you are with is not for you? 
  • Are you tired of kissing frogs or being friend zoned?
  • Do you really know what you want from a relationship?
  • Are you dating but just not finding “the one” 
  • Would you recognise your Soul Mate if they appeared in your life?
  • Is there sadness in your soul that you just can’t shift?  

“What is Love” was the most googled phrase in 2012 according to Google. Both men and women struggle with relationships and love and it’s all part of our growing process. However what happens when you get love fatigue and things just feel too difficult?  This can lead to feelings of giving up on love, isolation and not experiencing intimacy, potential depression and general dissatisfaction with life itself. 

grantLove is the journey to happiness and as it presents in many forms in our life ie romantic, family, friends and even pets…it is key for you to understand how you uniquely do love as believe it or not we all “do love” differently. Have you ever experienced giving your partner everything you had to give and it really didn’t make a difference? If yes then it's likely you did not understand how they “did Love” 

In this book, together with its complementary downloadable workbook, you will explore the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme, which will get you ready for the relationship you really desire or help you work out why you are frustrated in the relationship you are currently in. 

This love changing coaching programme has helped TLC Clients worldwide discover why they are getting the results they are from love and how to go about making the difference to the peace and happiness in their lives.

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