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6 Modules guiding you through the Get Ready For Love programme

Get Ready For Love Online Course

The online version of the Get Ready For Love programme is for those who prefer to work interactively and in a modular approach, along with the practical exercises just as in the book 

The love changing discoveries in this online programme include:

  • Discovering your current Love and Happiness Rating
  • Finding out if you are really ready for love
  • Profiling your ideal Soul Mate
  • Identifying if your current or previous partner is a potential soul mate
  • Realising your own love style, love language, and love filter
  • and  much much more. 

workbookThe Get Ready For Love Online Coaching Programme fits into your life at a price, pace, and place that suits you. You will receive guidance and narration from TJ Gibbs, the author of the programme, and be able to complete your Get Ready For Love workbook online.

You can expect results to include a new you, a new approach to love, a new direction in relationships and life, and an understanding of what and how you want to change the love you attract into your life. 

Course Modules

  • Module One
  • Module Two
  • Module Three
  • Module Four
  • Module Five
  • Module Six

Where Are You With Life and Love

In this the first of the 6 Modules of the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme you are going to identify your current love,  life and overall happiness ratings and get to understand if you are really ready for love and a relationship right now.  You will then go on to identify the areas of your life where you may be acting as an avoider, which maybe affecting your ratings. Finally you will uncover your current love style - the context in which you select and process love.

A Date With Your Soul

In Module 2 of the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme you will continue on your journey of discovery of how you "DO" love as well as experience a "Date With Your Soul".

You will identify your "Primary Rep System" - your way of processing your experiences in the world with life and love; uncover your primary "Love Language: - your preferred style of giving and receiving love. You will then go on to  identify your top core values that, if compromised, will cause you unhappiness in any area of your life.  The "Date With Your Soul" will then be carried out both on a conscious and unconscious level.  Understanding how to tap into the core of you, will be essential to peace in your life and to maximising the effectiveness of the outcomes of your work in the future Modules

Profile Your Soul's Mate

In Module 3 of the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme you are going to learn how to create a profile of who your Soul is really seeking as its mate. You will identify your "non-negotiables", "nice to have's" and preferences in a partner. You are then going to "meet” this Soul Mate using your primary rep system that you established in the last module.

In Module 4 of the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme, part of my role as your Love Coach is to help you raise your awareness...not just of what you are looking for from love but also of the patterns and programmes that may have contributed to your partner choices in the past.
In Module 3 you established what you are looking for in a Soul’s Mate and in this module you are going to go beyond recognising your Soul’s Mate and take it to a deeper level by examining what and who you have been attracting in relationships so far. By utilising your completed Soul Mate profile from the previous module, you will analyse if your current potential or ex partners are a possible Soul Mate. You will then go on to use this analysis to examine your unique The Love Coach Love Programming and determine what is consistent about these partners and what you can learn about yourself from these choices

Falling In Love With Yourself

In previous Modules you have come to understand who your Soul is calling for as its Mate and we are now going to assume that your Soul’s Mate is looking for the same qualities in you that you are looking for in them. We will explore how compatible you are to your own Soul Mate Profile, in other words, are you exuding the qualities that you are seeking in someone else? Are you putting out what you hope to receive? If not, what areas need your attention.  We will take a look at the science behind the universal "Law of Attraction" to understand how to improve your chances of attracting your Soul's Mate and then go on to look at falling in love with yourself, knowing that the way that we love ourselves subconsciously gives others permission to love us.

Your Soul Plan For Your Future

In this the final module of the Get Ready For Love Coaching programme you will complete your Soul's Plan for your Future.
You will learn about resources that will help you with any negative love programming or avoidance areas in your life and you will identify a 5 point action plan for increasing your love and life happiness rating. This plan will form your new "Soul Contract" with yourself, overiding any previous "Soul Contracts" of unhappiness, loneliness or heartbreak. Finally, with a few more TLC tips, you will be ready to return to your life of dating and relationships, knowing that by investing in yourself to get ready for love - you have relaid your love foundations moving you away from heartache and towards attracting, recognising and being recognised by your Soul's Mate

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